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IQ203 - Advanced Intelligent RFID Reader

The IQ203 sets a new standard for advanced intelligent RFID readers, delivering exceptional performance and cutting-edge features. Developed by our team, this ruggedized IP68 reader integrates seamlessly into various business environments, offering embedded business automation through its powerful event engine with multiple-layer nested logic. With the IQ203, you gain access to a robust edge server that enables seamless HTTP connectivity for configuration, real-time status monitoring, and efficient RFID inventory management.


Empowering RFID Efficiency

The IQ203 combines a host of innovative features, including an integrated antenna, a Linux-powered architecture, and the ability to run custom code. Its integrated circular polarized antenna ensures outstanding read range of up to 22 meters, depending on environmental factors and tag specifications. Say goodbye to the hassle of extensive coaxial cabling to external antennas and experience accelerated RFID tag reading in diverse business processes.


Streamlined Setup with Integrated Antenna

The IQ203 features an integrated circular polarized antenna, designed for effortless setup and deployment. With its intuitive design, you can quickly integrate the reader into your existing infrastructure, saving valuable time and resources.

Weatherproof and Reliable

Engineered to withstand demanding outdoor conditions, the IQ203 is built with an IP68 rating, making it impervious to dust and water ingress. Its waterproof antenna, power connections, Ethernet port, and serial connections ensure reliable performance, even in the most challenging environments.


Unleash Automation with the Event Engine

Experience the power of advanced automation with the IQ203's robust event engine. With its intuitive interface, you can effortlessly automate complex processes, eliminating the need for extensive coding or programming.


Flexibility for Customization

The IQ203 supports a wide range of APIs, offering seamless compatibility. Its Linux platform enables the execution of custom embedded code, empowering you with endless possibilities for tailoring the reader to your specific requirements.

Elevate Your RFID Capabilities with IQ203

The IQ203 represents a significant leap forward in intelligent RFID reader technology. With its unmatched performance, durability, and versatility, you can optimize operations, streamline inventory management, and drive efficiency throughout your organization. Embrace the future of RFID technology with IQ203 and experience the perfect blend of innovation and reliability.

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