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AirProce AI Air Purification System


The purification rate for H1N1>99.99%
ensuring the protection of the entire family's respiratory health.

The PM0.3 particle emission test at the air outlet

The unit features a fully sealed design paired with HEPA H13-grade filters. After filtration, no particles are emitted from the air outlet, achieving a state of no secondary pollution.

German ebm-papst fans

The German-made ebm-papst backward-curved centrifugal fan serves as the powerful heart of AirProce. With an extremely strong airflow of 1200m³/h, it can deliver a clean air delivery rate (CADR) of over 600m³/h, making it a standout performer in the market.

The fan is supported by eight shock-absorbing rubber pads that effectively prevent vibration transmission. The fan has a lifespan of up to ten years.

Situated in the middle of the filter, the fan is not exposed to the air, preventing air backflow, avoiding secondary pollution, and enhancing protection for the fan.

Ebmpapst fan motor
Ebmpapst fan motor
AirProce Structure



Minimalist machine body design

ABS body, safe & harmless

Safety latch design to prevent accidental emergency stops

Smooth bottom wheels for easy mobility

5-inch touchscreen for easy operation

Different filter configurations to meet various needs

The AI series offers different models to address various environmental requirements


AI600 structure.JPG

The AI series comprehensively deals with various pollutants such as dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses, odors, formaldehyde, and volatile organic compounds. It is suitable for typical environments such as homes, offices, schools, restaurants, and similar spaces.
The purifiers in this category are the AI-300 and AI-600 models.


TVOC & H13 HEPA Filter

TVOC Cartridge Filter

The unit is equipped with 9.4kg of activated carbon, primarily targeting odors, formaldehyde, and volatile organic compounds. It is suitable for post-renovation and environments with severe odor issues.
The purifier model used is AI-700.


HEPA H13 Cartridge Filter

​he dual-cylinder design coupled with HEPA H13-grade filters offers a dual enhancement in both filtration materials and structure. It is suitable for environments that require air quality close to hospital standards. The purifier model used is AI-730.

iphone (1)_4b3w.png

Intelligent AI app for remote control
Easy operation allows control of the device and monitoring of indoor air quality anytime, anywhere. One app can connect with up to 50 devices.

AirProce Backend Platform

In order to facilitate the management of devices for our users, we are extending a more convenient equipment management platform and maintenance service to more service-oriented venues like hotels, educational institutions, and clubs. Through this platform, users can manage over 50 AirProce products simultaneously, displaying the indoor environment and outdoor air conditions

AirProce Parts Supplier

Part manufacturer

Different usage environments for AirProce

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