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The large-scale spread of the2019 coronavirus

According to the updated World Health Organization (WHO) 2020 of April 28, COVID-19 has more than 3,000,000 patients worldwide causing 210,000 deaths.


In view of the current situation, in addition to providing professional outdoor air quality improvement solutions, we have recently introduced a comprehensive disinfection service, aiming to provide a comprehensive solution to the widespread infection ofCOVID-19 .

Our disinfection service

-Eliminate99.99% of bacterial viruses (including coronaviruses)

-Canadian disinfection products and passed U.S.EPA certification

-No additional cleaning required after completion

-One-stop disinfection and deodorization

-Odorless neutral disinfectant

Our disinfection services mainly include four processes​:

-Active oxygen sterilization treatment


-Disinfectant atomization treatment


-Nano antibacterial coating treatment

-ATP ( adenosine triphosphate) microbial detection

Active oxygen sterilization treatment

- the use of 20g / h of active oxygen, a national disinfecting and sterilizing bacteria in the toilet hotbed e.g.

-Active oxygen can kill 99.9% of bacteria and convert them into oxygen that is harmless to the human body

how ozone kills bacteria

Disinfectant atomization treatment

diversey virex ii256
VIrex256 list

The Canadian disinfectantVirex II 256 has been certified by the USEPA to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and viruses( including coronavirus) . It is usually used in medical and other facilities that require high cleanliness and prevent cross-infection. Can effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungi. As well as MRSA and VRE .

- effectively kill including HIV-1, VRE, MRSA, GRSA, MRSE, VISA, PRSP, type1 and type 2 herpes,A2 influenza, adenovirus and rotavirus.

- effective against odor-causing organisms, and act as odor eliminator, and further eliminate odors and bacteria irrelevant.

How to useVirex II 256 in the disinfection process ?

-Use disinfectant on the surface of all objects

-Wipe all highly contaminated objects( handrails, door handles, etc.)

-Treat the entire venue through atomization


Nano antibacterial coating treatment

What is nano-photocatalyst TiO2 catalysis?

The photocatalyst catalyst is made of nanoTiO2 colloid mixed with trace precious metal elements . When painted or coated on the surface of an object, it will form a nano film after drying. It produces catalysis under the action of transmitted light( ultraviolet light or visible light) , which can effectively degrade toxic gases such as formaldehyde and benzene. It can also destroy various bacteria.


Laboratory reports show that its antibacterial rate is as high as98% . In addition, it can decompose and treat the toxins released from bacteria and fungi without pollution.

Characteristics of Nano Photocatalyst TiO2


Multifunctional: can effectively decompose toxic substances and effectively eliminate bacteria and fungi

High stability : When the product is working, the photocatalyst itself will not change, and it will play its role in the interruption of various visible light indoors. It has the characteristics of long-lasting and continuous

High security:    The product itself is non-toxic to the human body, safe and reliable. Decompose toxic substances and transform them into carbon dioxide, water and other harmless substances, without secondary pollution to the environment. Through decomposition, toxins released from bacteria and fungi can be disposed of without pollution.

High efficiency : the photocatalyst catalyst can work normally under all kinds of visible light


Comprehensive disinfection service program


5. Spray on all surfaces with Virex-256 atomizing and wipe specific

Areas, such as handrails and door handles


7. ATP test total bacterial count

Disinfection Sticker

1. The staff must wear a full set of protective equipment

2. Check the site and clean the dusty surface to get a better disinfection effect

3. Cover all power sockets and areas not recommended to be sprayed

4. Active oxygen sterilization where bacteria and viruses are easy to multiply

5. Spray with Virex-256 atomized on all surfaces and wipe specific areas such as handrails and door handles

6. Atomized spraying photocatalystTiO2

7. ATP test total bacterial count

8. Clean up and reply to the scene

9. Provide a certificate of disinfection and sterilization

9. Provide a certificate of disinfection and sterilization


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