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AirProce AI300

AirProce AI-300
​Air Purifier

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 680m³/h 

AirProce AI-600
Air Purifier

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 600m³/h 

AirProce ProceCare Series


AirProce complies with the specified air purification equipment standards set by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD)

The differences between the AI-300 and AI-600 air purifiers

AirProce AI600
AirProce AI300

The difference between AI-300 and AI-600 lies in their filter configurations. Both utilize HEPA H13 filters as the top layer. The AI-300 has a hybrid filter with an F7 pre-filter combined with activated carbon at the bottom layer. Meanwhile, the AI-600 separates the hybrid filter into two individual filters: an F7 pre-filter and a 5kg TVOC filter. Due to the AI-300 having one less layer of filtration, it offers relatively lower air resistance, resulting in a higher Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) compared to the AI-600.

HEPA H13 濾網

- 阻隔細菌病毒

​德國 ebmpapst 風機

F7 & 活性碳 Mixed 濾網

 – 阻隔大粒微塵, 例如頭髮

- 吸附甲醛等揮發性有機物 

- 氣味


 – 阻隔大粒微塵, 例如頭髮


 – 吸附揮發性有機化合物, 例如甲醛

AirProce AI-300
潔淨空氣輸出率(CADR): 680m³/h
​建議使用面積: 700-1200 sq.ft. 

AirProce AI-600
潔淨空氣輸出率(CADR): 600m³/h
​建議使用面積: 700-1000 sq.ft. 

ProceCare Series Filter

To complement the air pressurization system and achieve the best purification effect, we have optimized our filters by integrating a high-quality Mixed pre-filter, F7 pre-filter, TVOC filter, and H13-grade HEPA high-efficiency filter. This configuration efficiently removes large particles such as airborne dust as well as harmful substances as small as micrometers, including various volatile organic compounds.

AirProce H13 HEPA

H13 HEPA Filter

The higher the HEPA grade, the denser the fibers, resulting in greater air resistance. These filters are more efficient at capturing smaller particles, which could pose greater hazards. The selection of filters significantly impacts the final purification effectiveness. Hence, we persist in using H13-grade HEPA filters capable of highly efficient filtration, even for particles as small as PM0.3

Featuring ProSeal technology and utilizing rigorously selected H13-grade HEPA filters imported from the United States' 3M, our product efficiently captures ultrafine particles such as bacteria, viruses, and fine dust particles. Its purification efficiency for PM0.3 reaches as high as 99.95%.

The lifespan can reach up to 36 months.**

Our HEPA H13 filter has successfully met the European Union EN1822 standard.

EN1822 Standard


PM0.3 過濾效能

AirProce TVOC filter

5kg TVOC middle-layer filter

We utilize the Canadian-imported CIRCUL-AIRE MM-3000 Multi-Mix® media with ProSeal technology in our TVOC filter. Through physical adsorption, absorption, chemical adsorption, and catalysis, it irreversibly eliminates organic volatile compounds. The MM-3000 Multi-Mix® media is a spherical activated carbon that removes various organic compounds and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that cause odors through physical adsorption

It is manufactured and activated from a unique bituminous coal substrate, possessing low pressure drop and high adsorption and removal capabilities."

The lifespan can reach up to 18 months.**

AirProce F7 GF Pre filter

F7 Pre-filter

With ProSeal technology as the first-layer filter, the optimized structure significantly increases the thickness of the pre-filter by 50%. This increase in dust holding capacity enhances the durability of the pre-filter compared to similar products in its category.

As the bottom-layer filter, it effectively removes large particles of pollutants such as coarse dust, hair, pollen, and other similar contaminants from the air.

The lifespan can reach up to 12 months.**

AirProce Mixed Filter

Mixed Pre-Filter

Featuring ProSeal technology, the composite first-layer and TVOC filter, as the bottom-layer filter, effectively remove coarse dust particles, hair, as well as organic volatile compounds such as formaldehyde and benzene from the air.


The lifespan can reach up to 12 months.**

** The lifespan calculation is based on operating for 10 hours per day with 3-speed settings

German-made ebmpapst Fans
The German-made ebm-papst backward-curved centrifugal fan serves as the powerful heart of AirProce. With an extremely strong airflow of 1200m³/h, it can deliver a clean air delivery rate (CADR) of over 600m³/h, making it a standout performer in the market.
Eight shock-absorbing rubber pads effectively prevent the transmission of fan vibrations. The fan can have a lifespan of up to ten years. Positioned within the filter, the fan is not exposed to the air, preventing air backflow and avoiding secondary pollution. This placement also enhances protection for the fan.

Ebmpapst fan motor
Ebmpapst fan motor

​Minimalist machine body design

ABS body, safe and harmless

Safety latch design to prevent accidental emergency stops

Smooth bottom wheels for easy mobility

5-inch touchscreen for easy operation

AirProce App

Intelligent AI app for remote control
Easy operation allows control of the device and monitoring of indoor air quality anytime, anywhere. One app can connect with up to 50 devices.

AirProce backend platform

In order to facilitate the management of devices for our users, we are extending a more convenient equipment management platform and maintenance service to more service-oriented venues like hotels, educational institutions, and clubs. Through this platform, users can manage over 50 AirProce products simultaneously, displaying the indoor environment and outdoor air conditions.

The PM0.3 particle emission test at the air outlet
The unit features a fully sealed design paired with HEPA H13-grade filters. After filtration, no particles are emitted from the air outlet, achieving a state of no secondary pollution.

AirProce AI-300 / AI-600 Specification


Size:  66 H x 41 L x 41 W cm

Weight:  17 kg

Overall purification efficiency: 99.95% (Particle≥ 0.3μm)
Tested under industrial conditions

CADR (Particles): 680 m³/h

CADR (Formaldehyde): 180 m³/h

CCM (Particles): P4(≥12000mg)

CCM (Formaldehyde): F2(600-1000mg)

Noise(6-speed settings): 25, 31, 37, 43, 48, 70 db


Size:  82 H x 41 L x 41 W cm

Weight:  25 kg

Overall Purification efficienc y: 99.95% (Particle≥ 0.3μm)
Tested under industrial conditions

CADR (Particles): 680 m³/h

CADR (Formaldehyde): 300 m³/h

CCM (Particles): P4(≥12000mg)

CCM (Formaldehyde): F4(≥1500mg)

Noise(6-speed settings): 25, 31, 37, 43, 48, 65 db

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