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APL lift air purifier installation service


​Have you considered the air quality of the lift you use in your daily life? Because you have no way of knowing whether the previous user left any bacteria or viruses in the lift, it is very likely that you will get sick for this reason.

lift hygen

​Hong Kong Society of Engineers Public Safety Guide: Building maintenance and repairs have the following opinions on the hygiene of lifts:


239 scientists from32 countries wrote to the World Health Organization(WHO) earlier, stating that there is evidence that the virus stays on airborne particlesand can spread indoors. WHO finally adopted onJuly 7 comments, do not rule out the virus can be transmitted through the air.

In view of this, Pro-IAQ provides air purification solutions in lifts to help guests maintain a high-quality level of air in lifts in the long run by using professional air purifiers.

APL function introduction

Use 3M H13 HEPA grade filter, in line with WTO recommendations,

Never produce ozone harmful to the human body

Effectively filter down to 0.1 micron

​Up to 99.95% of dust, viruses and bacteria

AirProce AX90 H13 HEPA Filter
Air turbo
Air Turbo

Filtration efficiency

-Before leaving the factory, each APL has passed the Swiss precision instrument test to ensure that there is no PM0.3 pollutant

-After filtering, the number of air outletpm0.3 drops to "0"

-Effectively filter fine dust, viruses and bacteria down to0.1 micron

-High efficiency filtration: volatile organic compounds, such as formaldehyde and odors and chemicals

- AirTurbo pressurized purification technology, dual-inlet, single outlet, the outlet of the wind strengthen

-30m3 / h clean air output straightforward(the CADR) value, the protection area can be up to200 feet

- per hour for theLIFTsix air*

-Effectively prevent cross infection

* Calculated based on general elevator1.5mx 1.5mx 2.3m


Airproce Ax90 Strucuture
AirProce AX-90 Structure
AirProce AX-90 Structure
AirProce AX-90 Structure

Fully sealed design to prevent secondary pollution

Stylish design, suitable for peaceful environment

Air duct protection layer

​Further noise reduction processing

Double air duct design

​Achieve increased pressure purification, double the effect

Backward centrifugal fan​​

Quiet and silent, providing large air volume

HEPA 13 level filter

Filter particles as small as PM 0.1

Smart phone remote control

Built-in smart sensor, the manager can use the smart mode to let the purifier automatically adjust the air volume according to the on-site air condition, and instantly improve the air quality

AirProce App

Observe indoor air conditions

The tube is transmitted to tablets and mobile phones via Bluetooth, allowing the staff to understand the air quality in the lift.



​Each elevator has a different interior design. We will provide different colors to match the color design of the elevator after installation*

(* If you want to order other colors, additional custom fees will be charged )

Rose Red


Lamborghini-Pearl White

Bentley-Rose Gold

Patented installation technology

Does not affect the normal operation of Lift *
Has a security design to prevent theft

The technology used and installed byAPL in elevators has been patented.

(Patent Pending no.: #32020018720.3)
The use of other air purifiers in elevators may violate the patent

And be accused and bear all consequences

patent Pending installation

(* Professional elevator mechanics are required to cooperate with installation)

​Air Purifier for Lift parameter table

Particulate matter (CADR): 30m /h

Power : 10W

Voltage : 12V

Noise (maximum wind speed ): 40dB

Filter type : H13 HEPA

Product length, width and height : 208*226*69mm

Wire : 3.8m

Bluetooth connection : Yes

Built-in particulate sensor : Yes

Installation method :flat /back hanging /upside down

Weight : 1kg


Hong Kong Science Park

​Elevator field test

( Up to 16 people /1200 kg, about 5m)

About 10 seconds after the lift door is opened ,
Can effectively filter the pollutants brought in from the outside

Hong Kong Science Park
Lift test 3

TheAPL purifier is not activated ,
Suspended particles up to
more than 70,000 tablets

lift test 4

5 minutes after starting the purifier ,
The suspended particles is reduced
more than 70 grains,
10 times difference

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