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Have you considered your environment,

What is the air quality?

Our consultants and engineers design suitable air purification solutions for customers to improve their indoor air quality. The air purification system is designed for medium-sized residences, office buildings and complex facilities in different environments. It can effectively remove suspended particles, including microorganisms in the air, toxic chemical gases and odors, and reach WHO indoor air quality standards.

​Indoor Air Quality Optimization Project

Mets general commercial installation of the new air ducts by the outdoor fresh air drawn assigned to different floors, but often because of lack of respect and the filtration of pollutants to the outdoors indoors. Therefore, we provide fresh air duct filtration projects to help strengthen the filtration of the air drawn in from outside and reduce the content of indoor pollutants.

fresh air system

Clean air output

air Duct

Air input

dusting system

Air filtration

outlet air particle
ceiling system
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